Sonic Intervention




The goal of this project was increasing physical activity, and promoting wellness for ISU students who take #6 bus from Friley Hall to the Tower. I designed signage and placed them on Welch Street, and observed and interviewed students on how signage works as a trigger to change their behavior. 

Wish Census Project


Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 9.06.18 AM.png

Wish Census project was created by myself and 11 other graduate students at Iowa State University which aimed to connect people by sharing their wish, fear, and need anonymously. The idea was developed as how we as a designer, make people connect and solve real world problems though design.  With lots of discussion and brainstorming, we placed the blank paper behind I wish, I fear, and I need in the campus and other public buildings such as grocery, library, and church. We had a huge amount of responses which were all very personal, honest and random. These personal stories were shared thorough social networks and websites, which allowed people an opportunity to understand other people’s feelings regardless of gender, race, or age. Through the process of this project, we learned the effective way to work with other people and how to understood their thought and ideas. For this project, I met a large number of people in person and got responses.  Also, I worked on creating the “Wishcensus” website with other students in the group. 

We all have a fear, a hope, a dream and a need in life.  We often think that we are those who have fear and feel isolated from others, despaired by unfavorable situations. This project gives us an opportunity to see and share other people's hidden things about their fear, hope, dream and need. Although we are living in different places, have different cultures, use different languages, and have never met before, we can understand others and reflect on ourselves. We feel connected to others.

This project was completed under the art direction of Bernard Canniffe. 

Design team members: Michael Spory, Debra, Qing Guo, Samantha Barbour, Mereisa Elliot, Wonsil Jang, Jingyu Liu, Calee Himes, Julian Osorio, Brittany Thompson, and Kayla Brown.  Documentary by Mesreisa Elliot.