The object I used to create sounds was a plastic bottle containing vitamin pills. Based on the sounds of turning the cap, scratching the surface, and shaking the bottle, I designed diverse sounds given the design principles. At first, I scratched the embossed letters on the top of the cap with a brush stick to produce the rough and rhythmical sound for texture. I made a pattern using the sound created on turning the cap with intervals, and scratched fast the smooth surface on the side of the bottle with a disposable plastic spoon for the expression of direction by increasing the intensity of sound and making sliding sounds. For gravity, I held the bottle horizontally and slowly tilted to one side and the other side, and used the sound of pills rolling down when moving the bottle in a seesaw manner. In the case of asymmetry, I recorded the sound generated when I tabbed the bottle irregularly. For symmetry principle, I made the scratching sound, which was used for texture, in regular time intervals and with balanced sound. It would be interesting when each sound created for texture, pattern, direction, gravity, asymmetry, and symmetry are combined to express harmony, density, anomaly, and scale on the basis of design principles.