Listening Map / Exercise

This is a map of sound I heard on the fourth floor in the design building around 8pm on January 26. I tried to visualize all the sounds by using geometric shapes.

Since the time was a little late, only a few students were there and it was quiet. The place on the fourth floor lobby was divided by a wall divider, and I was sitting inside of the wall divider, so, most of the sounds, I could clearly identify what sound it was, and where the sound was coming from. Elevators, voices and stepping sounds were the most dominant at that time. Probably a lot more background sounds were there, but I could not notice them. The right side from where I sat, the elevators were going up and down consistently with a really annoying sound of the door opening, which was loud, high pitched and squeaky, but the bell ringing sound from the elevator was at an acceptable level of sound. The sound of the elevator door was represented by porky triangle shapes, which was fully colored and the sound of the bell ringing was visualized by circle shapes with empty inside, because I wanted show resonating bell sound. I could hear the students stepping clearly from behind the wall divider. Only several students walked through the hall and I realized that most of stepping sounds were not what I expected, like “Tap, Tap, Tap”. “S~s~S~s~”is the sounds of dragging shoes that I heard, so all the sounds were connected like a long line until the sounds disappeared. I drew these with faint outlines of scribbled circles because the stepping sounds were not clearly separated. Can you see the square on the left, bottom of the map? Somebody dropped his backpack and books on the floor at that point.

We often listen to things that we need to hear, so we miss a lot of sounds around us. Close your senses for a moment, and open your ears wider to the world around you. You can find another world of sound.