For this project, we chose a graphic designer and made a book about them, using the design concept of the designer. I selected David Carson and researched about him and his designs to write a paper of which the paragraphs and words were used as content material for my book.  After designing each page of the book about him, I combined them and made an accordion book. While writing the paper about David Carson, I was able to understand more about his works, thought, and design philosophy.

I enjoyed the whole process of designing about David Carson. Meanwhile I put aside the principles that I learned in class, and tried to design just like what he did. I focused more on the transition of the each page and connections between my work and David Carson’s work. Also, I tried to keep a continuous flow of color throughout the pages. This project on David Carson’s design provided me with the opportunity to think about different perspectives between the essence of design and the traditional principle of design especially in this modern era.